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Driving License QR Code Sri Lanka

Driving License QR Code Sri Lanka

The Department of Motor Transport has taken steps to introduce a new card with a QR code while removing driver’s licenses with memory chips.

Motor Transport Commissioner General Nishantha Weerasinghe said that the relevant proposal has been handed over to the Law Drafting Department.

Nearly fifty-seven hundred thousand people have obtained driver’s licenses in this country. Their identity and driveable vehicle categories and validity periods are recorded on a memory chip similar to a chip on a driver’s license.

These cards were imported from Austria with payments made in Euros. But due to the lack of Euros in the treasury due to the current economic crisis in the country, the import of these cards has stopped.

Due to this, more than ten lakh driver’s licenses have not been printed. Steps have been taken to provide temporary permits for them by printing permits only for people going abroad.

Since it costs a lot to import these printed cards, steps have been taken to import cards with a cipher sticker that costs less than half of that amount.


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